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Women's Soccer - Wed, Dec. 14, 2016

The Harris-Stowe Women's Soccer team teamed up with the 2016 STEM Games to help out with local students who have an interest in science, technology, engineering and math. The Inaugural 2016 STEM Games was conducted at Gary Gore Community Education Center on Tuesday, November 15th.   


The goal of The STEM Games is to two-fold. First and foremost, use STEM as a unifying force in our community for what is good and right. Too often we see that which divides us trumping that which unites us. While uniqueness and individuality are valuable, they should not drown out our commonness. STEM GAMES seeks to extract four twenty-first century skills from children of differing backgrounds and zip codes by capitalizing on students' inherent curiosity. The second genetic fueling source is competitive drive. The STEM Games monetizes the EIE Engineering Design Process to capture the spirit of competition by creating a "tournament" atmosphere and rewarding top teams.


This unique opportunity challenged 60 fourth through eighth grade students from three communities to utilize the 21st-Century skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity to solve problems in real time. Participants from Jennings School District, Preclarus Mastery Academy, and St. Charles County competed in four events designed around STEM Education best practices and national science standards. These events included block coding, mystery architecture, instant challenges and novel engineering. All finishers received a STEM Games medal and a STEM Games t-shirt which featured a student-inspired design. The winning design was chosen from art contest entries judged by professional representatives of the St. Louis community including Emerson, World Wide Technology, and Clayco. The top four teams were awarded trophies; and as a result of the unconventional team assignments, all schools returned with multiple winners. 


The STEM Games is a product of the Maryville University STEM Certification Program catalyzed by funding from The Boeing Company, which served as the pool of authors and judges for the events. Partners included Washington University in St. Louis NSBE undergraduate students, science and education majors from Harris-Stowe women's soccer team, and the UMSL School of Education Science Outreach Program. The event was sponsored by The Lee Horneyer Company, The Boeing Company, and Maryville University.

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