Constitution of HSSU Hall of Fame




The purpose of the Harris-Stowe State University Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor those persons whose outstanding contributions have enriched the athletics programs of HSSU, and to provide an enduring memorial and preserve for posterity the memories and accomplishments of those persons whose endeavors brought distinction to the University.


Nominations shall be accepted from the general public to the HSSU Athletics HOF Committee through a standard nomination form.  Nominations submitted after the published deadline will be tabled until the following year.  Nominees shall remain eligible for five (5) years and, if not elected in that period, must be re-nominated for further consideration.


Nomination forms can be found online CLICK HERE or a formal letter can be forwarded to the HSSU Athletics HOF.  Support materials, such as statistics, records, and newspaper articles are desired, as is other pertinent and relevant information.  Questions regarding the HSSU Athletics HOF may be directed to Claire Johnson at [email protected] .


The HSSU Athletics HOF shall accept nominations no later than August 1, 2017.  There will be no more than five (5) members selected on an annual basis; an honored team selected will count as one inductee. A majority vote shall determine the selection of each inductee.